Welder 101 Top 10

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back at the most popular articles on Welder 101. If you missed out on these before don’t worry, now is your chance to bring you up to speed.

Welder 101 Top 10:

10. Build Your Own Welding Truck

Dreaming of working from virtually anywhere? Instead of waiting for business to come to you, you can go to wherever the work is with your own welding truck. This step-by-step guide will help you turn this project into a profit machine.

9. Welding Essential Tools You Won’t Survive Without! (Top 10)

You don’t need a big shop to build great projects. What you need is your basic welding essential tools and these are the absolute MUST HAVES non negotiables if you plan on getting anything done.

8. Top 5 Highest Paying Welding Jobs

It’s no secret that welders are among the highest-paid tradespeople and in this article I’ll go over the highest paying welding jobs.

7. How To Make Money Welding

With the increasing job demand in welding there’s never been a better opportunity to make good money in this trade. See how my boys are making $1,000s with a welder at 20 years old.

6. Top 17 Jobs For A Welder

Welders are highly skilled professionals with the ability and knowledge to work in a range of industries. There are plenty of challenging, interesting, and worthwhile careers that are perfect for welders. Here, we list a few our favorites!

5. Job Demand In The Welding Industry 2021

Wondering what the job demand is in the welding industry? I’ll dive into the current job market, factors impacting the industry and everything else you need to know.

4. A Guide To Stick Welding

The stick welding process has been popular for nearly 100 years! Used to complete a wide range of different projects from work around the house to large scale industrial applications. Lets take a deeper dive!

3. Cut The Crap: Beginners Guide To Cutting With An Oxy-Acetylene Torch

It’s no surprise this article made the top 3 list. When cutting thick mild steel, a plasma cutter just wont, well, cut it! Don’t have access to electricity? A grinder or saw is out of the question. This is where oxy-acetylene torches come into play.

2. Flux Core VS Hard Wire MIG Welding

When it comes to flux core and hard wire MIG welding they both have their benefits and differences. Every welder has their own preference, but I personally like to use both depending on the circumstances I am in. Lets compare!

1. Best Welding Projects For Beginners

Anxious to apply the skills you’ve gained to use on a cool project? Finding welding projects for beginners, ones that are interesting and challenging but not too advanced can be a little tricky. But don’t worry, grab your tools and safety gear because here’s a list of 18 projects that hit the sweet spot for beginners.

Final Words for 2021

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 reads of the year just like thousands of other Welder 101 readers did. Its been a great first year for my Welder 101 site. I’ve published more than 50 blogs in exactly 13 months and you can expect me to crank out even more in 2022.

My goal here is to provide you with as much value as I can for any and all welders, regardless of experience level. I enjoy answering major questions and talking about popular welding topics on here so if you have a question, just ask! Chances are other welders are messaging me with a similar question. You can reach out to me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or inside Welder 101. See you all in 2022!

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