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How To Make A TV Stand (One Of A Kind DIY Project)

by Steve Darnell

Are you ready to make a tv stand and step up your skills a notch? I have a 1927 Ford cab in my living room with flat windshields in them and a 40 inch tv that fits pretty good. I’ve had this for about 10 years and I’m constantly getting questions about it so I decided to put another one together to show everyone how it’s done.


make a tv stand

Before I got started with the project I stopped at the hardware store and picked up some landscaping and steel that I precut in my shop. First step is to build your base and attach 360 degree casters so its easy to move around. Make sure you have solid casters because in the end its going to be pretty heavy.

Once the base is set I went out to my junk yard and looked for a 27 Ford Carb. The cool thing about 27T cabs is that after you take everything apart you’ll be able to almost perfectly fit a 40 inch tv in there. After your platform is placed on the base you’ll start to slowly see things come together. While working with the cab I dealt with a lot of rust so just always remember to be careful when dealing with that.

Now it’s time to bolt the brackets on the tv and then make modifications to it to weld on our bracket and bolt to the cab. We want to make sure the tv fits as flush as possible so make adjustments where you see best fit. Once it’s all good to go you can place the cab on the platform of the base.


It’s time to have some fun now! The hard and boring part of the project is finished and now we get to decorate. I had a lot of cool ideas on how I wanted to design this stand so lets get right to it. I added a waterfall on the platform because I thought it would be cool to always hear the water running wherever you place it. Everything in my center is alive with the plants so I need to water and maintain them. I added cedar all around so it smells great and natural. Once you’re done this would go perfect in your home, backyard, shop etc. I ended up placing this stand in the showroom at welderup so stop by and check it out! Remember to have fun with the decorating portion of the project and add your own features to make it unique.

If you’re interested in another how-to video check this out!

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